Criminals Jousting With Cars

jousting cars shoot out

This is what you call “mutual combat.” Nothing like jousting with cars. Bang, bang, bang, boom!

Typically, my Darwin Awards go to someone with negligent discharge, but this time, it goes to these guys.

I will never say I’ve seen it all because they keep coming.

In the clip, two automobiles are racing toward each other. At the same time, passengers in both vehicles hang out the windows, shooting, and then BOOM. They crash head-on into each other.


The lady inside the house yells at her husband, “Jesus Christ, call the cops right now!”

The fire department had to extricate one person from a vehicle, and they took four people to the hospital with injuries.

Two award winners immediately take off, leaving four of their friends behind, returning, and running off again.

Acting Mayor Cavalier Johnson’s office said, “He received a detailed briefing from the police department on this shooting. He is alarmed by the brazenness and disregard of life. The Mayor also appreciates the police work and the multiple arrests that have been made. He continues to work with police and with teams involved in prevention to reduce violence in the city. He also wants state legislators to seriously address the ongoing problem of guns in the hands of people who should not have them. It is also time to revisit the absence of restrictions on private gun sales.”

The couple whose doorbell camera captured the shootout said, “All of a sudden, you hear this massive boom. It literally sounded like a bomb exploded. The impact was tremendous. I do not know how anybody survived.”

Everyone survived, and it doesn’t sound like the gunfire hit anyone. The police arrested seven people, including an 18-year-old woman and six men aged between 15 and 20. They found two guns at the scene.

It’s like watching a clown show. This was in Milwaukee around 6:30 in the evening in March 2022.

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