A Duty Gun is Not Always Good for Concealed Carry

Is your gun concealable

I would consider this more of a “Duty Gun,” not a “Concealable Gun.” All the extra stuff is great once you learn the basics, but people often rely too much on technology rather than the basics.

I’d like to share my thoughts on the setup of this Glock 19 with a red dot sight and a tactical flashlight. This one also has a compensator as well. It’s cool and something out of a “John Wick” movie. But how effective is this, and is it practical for concealed carry? It isn’t! This is a full-size semi-automatic with a tactical light, red dot, compensator, and extended magazine. Unless you wear a shirt three times your normal size, you will leave a print the “bad guy” can see. Hell, Stevie Wonder could see it, so this isn’t effective for concealed carry.

Optics on Handguns for EDC

My single biggest concern with optics on handguns is people become dependent on them. So, when they don’t have them, you may not shoot as well. My approach to firearm training is K.I.S.S. (Keep It Simple, Stupid), which means focusing on the basics. The more complicated you make it, the harder it is to actually learn. So, the less effective you truly are.

The F.B.I. national average is up to 7 yards, or 21 feet. I’m 6′ 2″, so when my arm is extended, I have roughly three feet of arm sticking out. Then, add the length of the actual firearm,  up to nearly four feet. A red dot isn’t going to help you with a distance of less than 17 feet, at least, it isn’t for me. And if you need a red dot to hit at 17 feet, well, you need a lot more practice.



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