Flying With Firearms Episode 6

flying with a firearm

On today’s episode of “What Happened to Me at the Airport While Checking Firearms” I learned not to get in a hurry when packing. As far as episode number six, I guessed, because I have no idea how many times I have flown with a gun.

If you follow me, you know I’m a frequent flyer who always travels with firearms. I’ve put out entire articles on the subject, and it’s always a smooth process.

Well, today, for the first time, I had to cough up the keys to TSA, and I’ll take full responsibility because I should have seen it coming.

So, I’m making my regular trip south to Dallas to teach a class, and I had a little more than usual.

These tips are not because it’s against the rules but more to save yourself some headaches.

1) Dummy Rounds – no, they don’t need to be in a container, but they all look the same when they go through the scanner. Hence, “Yes, sir, here’s my keys.” My bad! TSA checked them, and all good, but I’ll put them in a box with the real stuff in the future; problem solved. I was in a hurry and tossed them in a Mantis-X holder. It was not like they were flopping around, but they were not in an approved container, which was noticeable on the screen.

2) Training guns, rubber guns, etc. – This one I thought of, and although they legally don’t need to be in a case, save yourself the headache and lock them up. Again, on a scanner, they look the same as real ones.

3) I’ve said this many, many times. DON’T ASSUME THE TICKET AGENT KNOWS WHAT THEY’RE DOING. I’m not naming the airline, but somebody behind the counter got up on the wrong side of the bed this morning.

We all have our bad days, but boy, she was rude.

Personally, I didn’t get worked up and tuned her out, but she’s not the personality I’d want to represent my company. Needless to say, don’t argue with them and calmly “work the problem.”

She tried to tell me that any gun inside an ALREADY locked hard case needed to be locked separately in another case. Then she told me it was “their” policy on the website. Right, like someone is going to lock a rifle case inside another case. That’s definitely going to put you over the 50lb per bag limit.

I wanted to say, “Miss, not to be argumentative, but I just so happen to have the rules from your site printed out if you’d like to see them.”

I didn’t have to, but I was prepared because I really do carry printed copies of airline and TSA rules. It’s not like this doesn’t frequently come up in class.

I recommend politely asking for a supervisor, and hopefully, it will get solved.

TSA, no problem as usual (although I’m still waiting for you guys snatched last month ). Supposedly, it’s “in the mail,” according to the tracking number. How many of you remember that movie with the kid on the bike who kept chasing the guy saying, “I want my $5”? That may be me soon.

Anyway, I’m in the free state of Texas once again.

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