Flying With Firearms Is Easy

Flying With Firearms

The key to flying with firearms and ammunition is to check them in at the baggage counter, as they need to be unloaded and locked in a hard case with foam padding. Different airlines have different policies, and it is recommended to print them out to avoid potential headaches.

The TSA guidelines require firearms and ammunition to be transported in a locked, hard-sided container as checked baggage, with ammunition in its original box or container. It is also important to declare firearms and ammunition to the airline when checking baggage at the ticket counter.

Being in the firearms industry, I often get asked about what’s involved if you want to take your #gun with you when you fly. I wrote a while back that has a walk-through of checking in with your #firearm at the #airport to go along with my recent SmartTags post.

I took so many pictures at O’Hara that I figured someone would ask me what I was doing, but nope, no one even noticed.

There is a lot of information about how to pack your gun, but not many pictures of the process at the airport. I think it helps to see, not just read, what you’re getting into, especially when it’s something you’re uncomfortable with, like taking your gun on a trip.

Just remember, it goes into your checked baggage, NOT your carry-on. You would think that would be a given, but it’s not uncommon to hear about someone who forgot to check it at the baggage counter.

My worst fear is that someday a damn stray round will end up in my backpack that I keep with me. You wouldn’t believe how often I check that thing before leaving for the airport.

It’s a simple process; if you carry everywhere like I do, you might as well take it along when you travel.

Here is a long detailed how-to on USA Carry.

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