Houston Business Owner Fatally Shoots Two Attackers

Houston Business Owner Fatally Shoots Attackers

A Houston business owner fatally shot two people last Wednesday when they tried to rob him. It’s not the first time he’s been robbed, and this time, he was ready.

Officers arrived at the scene and found two masked men dead from gunshot wounds.

The business owner told the police that he had just returned from the bank when he was hit with something in the back of the head. He turned around to find two individuals wearing masks and gloves standing in front of him, so he fired his gun in self-defense.

When the owner’s employee came out of the store and saw what was happening, he also¬†shot at the robbery suspects. A third suspect got away in a black Lincoln Navigator.

“One of the employees of the business heard the commotion, came out, and saw what was taking place,” Assistant Chief Chandra Hatcher said. “The employee also began discharging a firearm.”

According to investigators, the shooting was the outcome of a jugging attempt.

“Jugging” is a term often used to describe a specific type of criminal activity that involves observing individuals who have withdrawn money from a bank, ATM, or financial institution and then robbing them of the cash.

Houston police Asst. Chief Chandra Hatcher said, “I want to appeal to anyone who is watching. Please consider your actions. Please consider your decisions because your choices have consequences. Unfortunately, the suspects here, I would believe, have loved ones who will now be grieving their loss.” “Choices have consequences. We don’t ever advocate for violence or crime, but our citizens have the right to defend themselves. Choices have consequences. Crime does not always pay.”

“His business has been robbed in the past, so this is a traumatic experience for anyone who is involved in something like this,” Hatcher said.

Once again, this stresses the importance of situational awareness. Pay attention to what is happening around you, and stay off your cell phone when walking. Have your keys ready before you walk to your car so you can immediately unlock your doors.

Use your head and keep your eyes open because they are crucial when it comes to self-defense.

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