Is SIG a Glock Killer

SIG vs Glock

I was digging through my old concealed carry guns, and I pulled out my Frankenstein Glock 26. I’m not a Glock hater, by any means. It just feels like when you hold it in your hands and look at it, they never moved on or were innovative.

It’s funny how time changes everything. Back in the early 90’s, I purchased my first Glock in Hawaii. Remember Die Hard 2. No one had them, and they all said a plastic gun would never be successful.

Like the BlackBerry and the iPhone, Glocks work wonderfully. But they’re all the same. Is that a good thing about Glock?

It never changes, kind of like hamburgers at McDonald’s. They are kind of the same wherever you go. I still have a few Glocks but have moved on to my SIG M17, SIG 365X, SIG P365, and my wife’s 365SAS.

My SIG P365 has a gas pedal and a 12+1 magazine. The Glock 26 is a G4 with a 12+1 magazine, which is nice for a little longer grip.

In my opinion, if you have never tried a gas pedal, the gas pedal is the way to go. If you’re trying to keep a smaller firearm under control, you have a much smoother and more controlled trigger pull. That thing was a game-changer for me. I have one on all my firearms. This is my M-17 with a Surefire x300 weapons-mounted light and gas pedal by Go Gun USA.

Sig M17 with Surefire Light
Sig M17 with Surefire Light

The newer SIG P365, like the SIG P320, the SIG M-17, and all the P365’s, are completely modular with the new design of their trigger system. Since the trigger is the serialized piece, you can customize the grip slide, etc., to whatever fits your hand, so a smaller firearm like the P365 can fit more comfortably for each shooter. It’s not one and done.

I asked for some thoughts on LinkedIn, and here’s what some people had to say.

Jason Smith, “While I have run several Glock 19/17/22/26, they are the same to me except for size, and the 22 is a different caliber. I carried the 26 for several years until I started carrying the performance center shields and a compact Canik. I’ve had a 365 Sig that I liked a lot, but if I wanted to compare the Glock 26, say, with a far less expensive gun that shot just as good or even better, in my opinion, would be the $220 price point Taurus G2C it has run circles around my G-26. I have two professional training Glock 17’s, which both do the job, but I think there are pistols out there that are far better in price and more pleasing to the eye than the Glock.”

Mike Nelson out of Texas, “I have two Glocks. I also have two Beretta model 92 FS pistols…one blued, one stainless. And let’s not forget the Colt Govt Mark IV .380 and S&W .38 snub nose. But most importantly, I have two M1911A1s from the Civilian Marksmanship Program (CMP). Which do I carry? Who cares. I’ll keep the criminals guessing. Just know that I shoot nice center-mass groups with each.”

Colt M1911A1
Colt M1911A1

Would you use a hammer or a sharp knife to get the job done? Remember to know your laws, get some training, and always be vigilant.

I’m curious to know your opinion?


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