Kid Shoots Man Attacking Mother – Charges Dropped

Cook County State's Attorney Charges Dropped

How many of you have heard about the incident where a 14-year-old shot a guy protecting his mother, Carlishia Hood, and then chased the attacker down back in June? It happened on the south side of Chicago, and the Cook County prosecutor dropped the original charges of first-degree murder and contributing to the delinquency of a minor they filed against Hood.

Immediately after the incident, the prosecuting attorney charged the mother and her kid.

Later came a complete turnaround from prosecutors, so you have to wonder if they jumped the gun (No pun intended). I would like to see ALL of the videos, read the text message, and hear the statements from witnesses.

Kid Protecting his Mother Chicago

-What did the text say when she told her kid to bring her the gun from the car?

-Where are the full videos, not cheery-picked clips?

-Why was there a struggle over the gun where the mom tried to take it from the kid, and where’s that video?

-Why did the prosecutors file the charges so soon when they had plenty of videos and then make a total about-face?

-Did they rush to judgment, or has public pressure caused them to back off?

-Why did they flee the scene after the shooting?

-How did the prosecutor justify the kid chasing someone and continuing to shoot? As much as we may all think the thug deserved it, that’s not the law.

-Can we all go chasing someone down for payback after this? If so, the crime rate will drop.

I’m 100% for the right to defend yourself, but this story has too many missing pieces and conflicting statements.

The guy hitting her was a scumbag and paid the price. FAFO! The lady egging it on should be charged. Let’s make an example of her for group participation.

The optics of this case don’t add up. I am glad the mother and her son are OK physically, but they will still have to deal with the emotional toll. Here is the full story of what happened at the time they arrested the mother and her son, and that might be all we ever find out. The City of Chicago and Cook County State’s Attorney have not released any further details.

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