Officer Nickolas Wilt Louisville PD Goes Home

Officer Nickolas Wilt Louisville PD Released

Louisville (KY) Officer Nickolas Wilt is finally going home after spending over 100 days in the hospital recovering from being shot in the head while responding to a fatal bank shooting in April.

The 26-year-old, who underwent brain surgery and spent roughly a month on a ventilator, was a rookie Louisville police officer, having just graduated from the police academy 11 days before the shooting that left five people dead and others injured.

He was one of the first officers on the scene and ran toward the gunfire without hesitating.

Officer Nickolas Wilt Louisville Police Department Facebook

While they have recently vilified some police officers (and rightfully so) for abusing their authority and have been tried for negligence and even cowardice for not moving toward the sound of the guns.

It’s important to recognize the bravery and sacrifice the other 99% of police officers make daily to protect people they don’t even know and don’t normally make national headlines.

Officer Witt has earned that recognition. Great job, Officer Witt, and best of luck with your continued recovery!

By Richard McKearney

Richard is a freelance security and protection professional. Mentoring the next generation of law enforcement Assistant Chief Inspector (Retired) US Marshals Service

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