Situational Awareness Tips

Situational Awareness

As we go to the weekend, I want to challenge you to do one thing for your personal safety: practice situational awareness.

In a world where unforeseen threats can lurk around any corner, being aware of your surroundings isn’t just a skill; it’s a superpower. Situational awareness forms the bedrock of effective self-defense, empowering individuals to anticipate, assess, and respond to potential dangers.

Understanding Situational Awareness

Situational awareness isn’t merely about observing; it’s about comprehending the broader context of your surroundings. It involves actively perceiving, processing, and understanding elements within your environment and recognizing how they might impact your safety.

At its core, situational awareness comprises three fundamental levels:


The ability to perceive your environment, including people, objects, and activities, while being mindful of potential threats or changes.


Process the information gathered and understand its relevance and implications regarding your safety and well-being.


You should anticipate future developments or potential threats based on your understanding and adjust your actions accordingly.

The Importance of Situational Awareness

In the realm of self-defense, situational awareness acts as a preemptive shield against potential risks. It allows you to spot and avoid potentially dangerous situations before they escalate, significantly reducing the likelihood of becoming a target.

Moreover, heightened awareness doesn’t just deter threats; it also gives you precious seconds to formulate an appropriate response if a situation unfolds unexpectedly. It’s about being proactive rather than reactive, which gives you a crucial advantage in navigating any scenario.

Criminals LOVE people who aren’t paying attention, especially women, as we are perceived as easy targets.

Situational Awareness Tips

Here are some situational awareness tips that you can easily and immediately put into practice:

Stay Off Your Phone

Being buried in your phone, texting, watching TikTok videos, etc., means you’re not paying attention at all. Attackers love this!

Back Into Parking Spots

It helps you get out much easier if you think you’re being followed or some sketchy-looking person approaches your car.

Keep Your Head On a Casual Swivel

Nonchalantly notice everything around you without looking paranoid or weird.

Walk With Confidence and Purpose

An insecure posture could make you a victim, as it indicates vulnerability.

Gameify situational awareness by noticing something specific, like the license plate game. When walking through the parking lot, notice, say, how many blue cars you see. Or, when you walk into a store, circle the perimeter and count how many exits you see. Looking for ways out of a location helps you create awareness and can also give you an idea of the closest escape route in an emergency.

Remember, it’s about being mindful and prepared, not paranoid. These proactive steps could keep you from being a victim and prevent you from using physical defense methods.

Have a safe, fun weekend, and remember these simple situational awareness tips while you’re out!


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