Street Takeover – Driver Hits People Trying to Escape

Chicago Street Takeover

In Chicago on Friday night, a couple driving a Tesla got caught in a street takeover. When they attacked his car, he drove to safety and hit multiple people who were blocking his path in the process.

The Tesla holds up way better than I expected, and the guy couldn’t find a gap to get through, so he made one in front and behind his car. The driver and his female passenger make it out of the mob, and you can see multiple squad cars at the end of the block.

We all knew this sort of thing was coming. It’s a typical weekend in Chicago where these groups go out and drag race, drift, and have their “gatherings,” aka street takeovers. According to someone in charge, these events are supposed to be called “large gatherings.”

If you are unfamiliar with drifting, it is similar to doing donuts and a good way to destroy the tires on your car. It’s when you drive your vehicle in continual circles at high speed, leading to the smoke and the smell of rubber.

If you go to Lower Wacker Dr. in downtown Chicago at night, you are out of your mind. It’s not like this is a one-time “gathering,” because these have become a regular, ongoing weekend “experience.” You can see in this tape that the police didn’t even try to break it up. They kind of tried to move people out of the way, and is it just me, or does it seem like the officers were pretty casual about it, like they’ve done it a time or two?

Unbelievably, entire groups of street racers and drifters are very easy to find on social media. Follow the groups, and you’ll know exactly where to show up so you can take part.

The description of “Chicago Drift” is “Drifting Chicago is about local driving on street, track, having meets and parties, and getting more people together to do more events! Let’s all have a good time!”

The Chicago Police Department said last year they would get plates, start towing cars later, and charge $10k to get them back. I would like to know how many they’ve confiscated and done that with.

In one video from Friday, the girl says, “F*** this car up.” How about following the lead of the Philadelphia Police and arresting some of these people as they did with the girl who live-streamed the riots in Philadelphia a couple of weeks ago?

The charges included conspiracy, criminal mischief, riot with the intent to commit a felony, and criminal use of a communication facility.

Here’s another 625 ILCS 5/11-506 Illinois General Assembly: “Street sideshow” means an event in which one or more vehicles block or impede traffic on a street or highway.”

It took me a while to find all the tapes, and I wondered if it would hit the news, but as of right now, I can find ABSOLUTELY NOTHING!

There is one main video floating around. I found four, and no doubt the authorities could get their hands on more if they wanted to prosecute some people. I combined two videos so you could better understand what happened.

Does it sound like I’m a little ticked off on this one? Yes, I am.

I have not written about it, but I had a less than pleasurable experience downtown last month on a Saturday. I was looking for potential ways out if needed, and there wasn’t one. I would have been in the same spot he was. If anyone doesn’t think this guy was within his legal right to take the action he did, I’d love to have you explain. I’ve seen people say these *sshats shouldn’t get hit.

This version contains a 911 call, but I can not confirm it is the original call. If it is, the dispatcher even sounds irritated.

Those people are participating in a “MOB ACTION,” not a “GATHERING.” At the point where there are so many people beating on your car, breaking your windows, and flashing gang signs, you are putting everyone’s life at risk, including your own.

We’ve discussed it before: when you feel your life is threatened, your first line of defense is to escape.

Does this mean Chicago has set the bar for the rules of engagement?

One more view of the encounter.

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