Video – Chicago Festive Shootout In Broad Daylight

Chicago No Cash Bail

Shootout in broad daylight in Chicago. If caught, should they have to post bail or walk free?

There’s nothing like a shooting in broad daylight recorded by someone across the street on 53rd and Ashland this week in Chicago. I give the choir boys credit for using cover better than most between shots. One of them even fired as his buddy was retreating. Nice teamwork, guys!

The Illinois State Supreme Court ruled that no cash bail is constitutional and will go into effect on September 1. Cash bail, under many circumstances, will not be required. Illinois will be the first state in the country to take it to this extreme.

HB 3653 is officially known as the SAFE-T (Safety, Accountability, Fairness, and Equity-Today) ACT. In January 2020, the 764-page bill was rushed through the Illinois Senate in less than a week. In January 2020, the push for police accountability was at a fever pitch, and this bill was presented to reflect that.

Under the new laws, the person charged must be a clear and PRESENT danger or pose a flight risk. The person must have also committed some type of forcible felony.

So, if they hit no one, would the gunfire alone be a forcible felony? A weapons violation doesn’t necessarily fall under that category.

Do they present a clear and present danger to a specific person?

More importantly, can the judge clearly state those facts? If not, the alleged criminal will walk free with no incentive to return.

Numerous law enforcement agencies did not support the bill and filed a lawsuit before the Illinois Supreme Court. The Illinois FOP, the Illinois Sheriffs Association, and most of the state’s district attorneys supported the case against the state and opposed the bill.

I’ll publish a complete story in a few days on USA Carry that includes some of the interesting details of the bill. The original story I wrote back in 2022 can be found here.

I’m not sure who taped it, but I enjoyed the festive music.

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