Why You Should Train for Concealed Carry

Train for Concealed Carry

Quite simply, is concealed carrying enough? Is it good enough to carry a gun and not train?

Do You Train for Concealed Carry?

Have you ever asked yourself WHY you’re training or WHAT you’re training for? Because until you do, your training won’t fulfill its purpose.

HOW and WHY you train has to reflect WHAT you’re training for. If it doesn’t, then your training is not functional.

Training Needs Analysis (TNA)

How many of you have heard of the term Training Needs Analysis (TNA)?

A TNA is a HONEST procedure that most training providers should go through before delivering training to any client. It doesn’t matter what the subject is. A TNA has to be conducted so that the trainer understands the client’s needs and requirements, what the client is capable of achieving, and, more importantly, what the client wants the training for, i.e., what is the aim of the training?

A TNA can be conducted in several ways. However, it will involve asking the client many HONEST questions to understand their training needs, allowing the trainer to develop a suitable training program. Pretty simple, right?

Conduct an Honest TNA on Yourself!

  • What are your needs?
  • What do you want to achieve?
  • What is the purpose of the training you are currently doing?
  • What are your current capabilities versus what you want them to be in six months?
  • What is the aim of your training?

Generic Self-Defense Training

We see many people on instagoogletweetbook, who are undergoing self-defense training, which is excellent. However, their training doesn’t always look as if it correlates with WHAT they’re training for.

We still see twenty students on a static firing line, with two instructors, running a self-defense shooting class (a horrendous student-to-instructor ratio), where it is clear that no TNA has been conducted by either the trainers or the students themselves.

Whether you’re a new or seasoned concealed carrier, conduct a TNA of your own personal training.

Write Stuff Down on a Piece of Paper

All the stuff you believe will make you better trained, more responsible, and better prepared to deal with the situations you are concealed carrying for in the first place.

Hell, even if you don’t attend any of our courses, drop me an email or a message in the comments with WHAT you’re training for and WHY. We’ll put something together for you that addresses your requirements.

You have to train according to YOUR needs and requirements, not by copying or mirroring how others train because their needs might differ from your needs.

Your average “self-defense” course might cover carjackings, road rage incidents, or robberies. You need a TNA for you.


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