Body Language and Warning Signs of an Attack

Let’s talk about body language and warning signs of a likely attack. Watch this video, and then we will go over things to look out for.

The event in this video happened in April 2023 in Mexico. In this video, a woman looks like she is being forced into a car, but fortunately, it wasn’t a kidnapping; instead, she was being committed to a treatment facility. It still shows what to be aware of, and it could have easily been an actual kidnapping.

If it was real, there was a high likelihood her family probably wouldn’t have seen her again. This is REALITY!

First, the lady is a victim, and these are likely professional predators, so let’s not bash her.

  • The victim appears to be upset. Her body language is that of being unsure of herself and not walking with a strong, defined purpose.
  • The attacker is acting in a relaxed manner. Predators are well-rehearsed and are usually calm.
  • When he sets his water bottle down, that’s an indicator that he’s getting ready to use both arms and hands on her.
  • He slightly steps towards her, closing the reactionary gap.
  • When he grabs her, he “hugs her,” getting control of her body.

Your biggest self-defense tool is your brain.

The biggest self-defense tool you always carry is your brain, not a weapon. Don’t ever place yourself in a dangerous situation. Use situational awareness, walk with a purpose, and have that commanding presence.

When you act like you’re out for a “stroll,” you’re telling the bad guy you’re an easy target and probably won’t fight.

When you fight for your life, kick, scream, punch, gouge eyes, pull hair, or bite, learn a person’s pressure points. Fight with the attitude that you will completely destroy that person, and fast.

fight like the third monkey the ark

“If you’re gonna fight, fight like you are the third monkey on the ramp to Noah’s ark, and it’s starting to rain.” Tim Kennedy – UFC Fighter and Special Forces Operator.

Drop to the ground. It is more difficult to carry away someone who is entirely dead weight. By standing and pushing back with your legs, you are actually supporting your own weight and helping the attacker.

Understand that bad things happen to good people. This could happen in your community or at your kid’s bus stop.

This isn’t trying to make people scared or paranoid. You should live your life but also have a plan in case things go wrong. Don’t forget that your gut feeling is usually correct.

By Marko Galbreath

Mark is a national speaker and media contributor on preventing and mitigating violent attacks. You can follow Mark on LinkedIn.

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