How Many Rounds Is Enough For EDC

How Many Rounds Is Enough

When you start speaking about magazine capacity, what do you really need for everyday carry (EDC)? 10, 12, 15, 21 rounds?

Are 10 rounds enough for self-defense?

They say ten rounds is the minimum, but is it? Are you holding back the Black Hawk Down crowd? Does your state have laws on magazine capacity to carry? Have you had any training, or do you use the spray and pray method?

We take it for granted that higher-capacity pistols are the most logical choice for concealed carry, but are they really the best option for most armed citizens?

Do you really need a higher-capacity pistol for concealed carry?

For armed citizens, slim and light concealed carry handguns make more sense than carrying a high-capacity, full-sized firearm.

Smaller semi-automatics can be more difficult to truly master, given that they are inherently more challenging to control shot to shot.

People must consider how prepared they are to correct common malfunctions of semi-automatic pistols.

Are revolvers good for concealed carry?

Revolvers clear away many technical hurdles to concealed carry firearms but at the expense of capacity. Overall, a revolver’s capacity is sufficient for the majority of self-defense situations and is easy to carry and operate. A typical revolver holds six rounds.

Police vs. Civilian Requirements

Unlike police, civilians never intentionally move toward an assailant. In most cases, when deadly force becomes an unwanted option, the civilian has retreated. Civilians rarely confront multiple assailants, and most of their encounters are at less than 3 yards, with less than 3 rounds being the average number of shots fired in self-defense. Our defensive firearm requirements are entirely different from the needs of a sworn police officer, whose job is to intervene against criminal activity rather than simply defend against it.

So why do so many citizens choose to arm themselves with higher-capacity handguns that are more suited to police work than to their daily lives and requirements for personal defense?

Those of us who make the commitment to defend ourselves, rather than relying on society and hoping for the best, almost always choose a semi-auto handgun as our primary choice.

What you decide to carry will probably come down to your training and what you feel comfortable with. What do you think are enough rounds?

Oh yeah, one more thing! LOOK into getting some insurance just in case you have to or are forced to defend your friends and family! Know your rights!

By David (Kawika) Melton

Dave started working for the United States Department of Defense and currently works for Christensen Arms.


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