Congratulations Florida On Permitless Carry

Florida Permitless Carry

A MAJORITY of states now have permitless carry, so gun-rights opponents cannot say the average law-abiding citizen wants more gun control.

On Saturday, Florida joined the growing ranks of states that have welcomed permitless carry or constitutional carry. There will be more to come, and if it wasn’t for the large metropolitan cities, we would probably already have more on board.

Thanks, Stuart Klearman, for taking the time to add your thoughts and explaining the difference between “Permitless Carry” and “Constitutional Carry,” so people understand better.

I’m looking forward to all the people who have offered to contribute to future articles and share their knowledge.

The battle for gun rights needs to be a group effort.

How many of you think we should concentrate on the laws we already have before they add more? That seems like a good start on a “common sense” solution.

I summed up the details in this article.

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