MUTUAL COMBAT – This Guy Pushed Gary a Little Too Far

Chicago Knife Attack

“GARY, what has gotten into you?” Well, mam, your husband had enough, and it was Go Time for Gary!

On this day in history, someone crossed Gary’s proverbial line in the sand, and there was no stopping him. “MUTUAL COMBAT” had begun.

As the violence worsens, I think you will see more of this happening unless the authorities get it under control. People have had enough.

The threat does appear to have a weapon in his hand that I’m not sure Gary noticed. However, Gary might not have cared because he was committed and p*ss*d. Gary had options but decided to stand his ground and defend himself.

Miss, stay out of your husband’s way so you’re not collateral damage. Plus, had things gotten worse, you’re not helping.

The audio is the best part; I don’t think she could believe her husband flipped. Everyone has their tipping point, and it sounds like she just found out where her husband’s line was.

In Supreme Court of Illinois People v. Austin, in 1990, “mutual combat” is defined as “a fight or struggle which both parties enter willingly or where two persons, upon a sudden quarrel and in hot blood, mutually fight upon equal terms and where death results from the combat.” No one got killed this time, but mutual combat sounds fair if it had to be used as a defense. The threat does appear to be armed, though, so self-defense would seem appropriate.

Prosecutors did not charge five people in Chicago in a deadly gang-related shootout in October of 2021. They took five men into custody in connection with the gunfight, which called for a SWAT team response and resulted in over seventy shell casings being found.

Some police department members said, ‘It’s just like the Wild West.’

Then, in September of 2021, charges were not filed against a 17-year-old suspect who stabbed an 18-year-old in Schaumburg, Illinois.

“They’re saying that it’s mutual combat,” his father said. “How is it mutual combat when my son didn’t have anything to combat with the only thing he had was his two hands?”

Always keep in mind that de-escalation and avoidance should be your first choice.

This was downtown Chicago in front of the Royal Sonesta Hotel over the weekend.

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