Wanted Man at Gas Station With an AR-15

Chicago gas station AR-15

I knew Chicago was dangerous, but do you need an AR to pump your gas?

A guy in a hoodie gets out of the Charger and tries to hide the rifle in his pants. Technically, I guess it may be a pistol, but it’s hard to measure the barrel length on the screen, and I get confused about what falls in what category, anyway.

@cpd1617scanner reported the vehicle was stolen and wanted in connection with shots being fired.

Illinois has tightened its restrictions on what it considers assault weapons, yet, in the past year, the instances of this style of rifle being caught on camera appear to have gone up considerably.

I have a few questions:

My guess is that the car and the occupants are still wanted. If you don’t let the police do their jobs and go after law-abiding gun owners, this is what you get.


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