Why Do We Need High-Capacity Magazines?

Man Fights Back Carjacking

One of the top questions asked on Google is, “Why do we need high-capacity magazines for self-defense?” We don’t know how many shots struck the attacker in this incident, but the victim fired five times, and the attacker still ran away. The attacker could have also stayed and fought, which he was capable of doing. There are numerous documented cases where people didn’t even know they were shot until after the incident ended.

A trio of armed robbers made the mistake of attempting to rob the wrong driver at his home in southeastern Brazil, and one of them was killed.

In 2015, a home security camera recorded the incident as the driver, a police officer, parked his car in his garage.

Three men walked into the garage just before the door closed. One of them, Eliseu Santos Paulo, was holding a gun and walked toward the driver’s side of the car. When Paulo opened his door, the off duty officer saw him armed and fired five shots.

The three thieves fled, but they captured Eliseu Santos Paulo after a neighbor alerted the police. They took him to the hospital, but he died shortly after from his injuries.

People often wonder how someone can have multiple gunshot wounds (GSW) and still be able to run away or fight back. The person can stay in the fight unless you hit an area like the spine, which can cause instant embolization. The heart can stop beating, but the person can keep going long enough to do serious harm. I had an ambulance run where a man attempted suicide by shooting himself in the temple, and he talked to me on the way to the hospital. It was one of my first gunshot runs and not something I expected.

central nervous system gunshot

Why do we need high-capacity magazines?

First, “high-capacity magazines” is a subjective term pushed by organizations like Everytown. They are using a definition from the Violent Crime Control and Law Enforcement Act of 1994: Importation of ammunition feeding devices with a capacity of over 10 rounds. That was almost 30 years ago, and times have changed.

Giffords says, “A growing body of research shows that banning high-capacity magazines can help to prevent gun violence.” The study they reference was based on “The Federal Assault Weapons Ban of 1994,” not magazine capacity.

Drugs and or adrenaline affect a person in crazy ways, and the human body can withstand a whole lot more trauma than you would think. Multiple assailants frequently commit today’s attacks, and unlike TV, people don’t switch off like a lightbulb.

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  1. This was instructive and helpful. No one in this current version of the US can ever legislate life-affirming values because our governments are frequently base and corrupt. And I won’t move in fear in my daily life, although I won’t prepare for war because that can easily overtake my daily happiness. I, too, grew up in a smaller town. I was taught about firearms when I was young, and know how to use them. I, too, knew how to shoot before I was a licensed driver. If I was the *prospective* victim in a scenario like this one, I, too, would shoot to kill.


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