70-year-old Grandmother Attacked During Home Invasion

Home Invasion
Home Invasion

On May 24, 2022, a 70-year-old grandmother in Orlando, Florida, was forced to defend herself during a home invasion when a 38-year-old man entered her home through an unlocked front door. Despite hitting the intruder twice in the face with a broom, he continued to advance toward her with a blank stare. Fearing for her safety, the homeowner called out to her 80-year-old partner, Charlie, to get his gun and call 911. Charlie fired a warning shot into the ground, but the intruder persisted and followed the woman into her fenced-in backyard.

The woman warned the intruder to back off and fired a warning shot above him. However, he continued to advance toward her, leaving her no choice but to shoot him. The intruder died from his wounds, and the case has been sent to the State Attorney’s Office for review.

Reflecting on the incident, the homeowner expressed her uncertainty about what the intruder intended to do but knew she had to protect herself. She described herself as a fighter and said that she was troubled by the thought of whether God would forgive her for taking a life. This incident shows how surviving a confrontation can have a significant emotional impact. It also reminds us that being ready to protect ourselves and our loved ones is important.

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