Chicago CCL Holder Shoots Two Attackers

Chicago police

Chicago, IL -Two men attacked a person with a concealed carry license around 1 a.m. on Saturday. This incident adds to the long list of defensive gun use cases that have occurred in Chicago this year.

The latest incident was in the 1600 block of North Hamlin Avenue on the city’s northwest side. According to the Chicago Police, a vehicle with two men inside approached a 31-year-old man. The two men began to shoot at the victim, who had an Illinois concealed carry license (CCL). He pulled out his gun and returned fire, striking the attackers.

One offender was a 44-year-old who got shot in the chest and didn’t survive. He hit the second offender, a 37-year-old, in the shoulder, and authorities took him to the hospital in fair condition.

The list of individuals fighting back in Chicago this year is growing, and it extends beyond concealed carry holders.

In one incident, a group of men ambushed an off-duty police officer while he was returning home. He shot back and successfully defended himself.

A mob attacked a couple in a Tesla during a street takeover, and they hit multiple vehicles trying to escape.

In October, a man approached a couple with what looked like a knife as they were walking out of a hotel. Someone recorded the entire incident as the unarmed male victim fought the guy off.

unarmed man fought attacker off

There are three weeks left to go, and this is most likely not the last self-defense case the Chicago area will see this year.

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